Newspaper Interview


Photons help folks find relief

Greg Crawford

Times Reporter


    Bill and Mary Harrison, almost 80 years old and going strong, are helping people find relief from pain.

   Thanks to some research by NASA and the engineering knowledge of Bill, they’re offering photon healing, a scientifically proven way of helping people find relief from pain.

    “I don’t have to do this for a living, but it’s exciting and between the two of us we have a great time,” says Harrison.

    The design of their recent Fountain Hills medical product is based on a concept that was brought to Bill’s attention two years ago through a medical report written by Dr. Harry Whelan, a professor at the University of Wisconsin Medical College.

    Early in the space program it was realized that astronaut injuries do not heal in space. A similar problem occurs in nuclear submarines.

    Because of the very serious consequences, NASA funded researchers to investigate the use of the reported healing qualities of special LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) when adjusted to the right color and intensity. Because of Bill’s background, he was very excited about NASA’s research and their remarkable clinical results.

    They reported that treatment with these devices relieved and often eliminated pain, reduced healing time to one-half, accelerated muscle and tendon regeneration and much more.

    As an added bonus they found no negative side effects.

   Bill discussed the amazing results with a prominent Scottsdale doctor friend, who said to him, “Bill, you could build one of these.” He agreed and did just that. Over the following two years various applicator configurations were designed, developed and tested that confirmed the NASA performance.

Bill Harrison displays the larger model of the Photon

Healing device he made from research done by NASA

    Testimonial of Harrison’s photon healing include an 80 year-old man who had swelling from a hernia operation. “Three months later the swelling had not gone down appreciably and I then started using the Photon-Healing Light daily for half to 1 hour”, the man said. “Within four weeks there was no longer any swelling.”

    Another person found relief from sinus headaches and pulled hamstring. “I have sinus headaches and the Photon Healing light helps tremendously,” the person wrote. “A girl on our soccer team had a pulled hamstring and was not expected to be able to play in the finals. I loaned her my light for several days and she improved enough to be able to play and we won the tournament playoffs in Hawaii.”

    One person from Rhode Is-land had Achilles tendonitis and was scheduled for surgery before she tried the device. “My doctor was scheduling surgery,” she said. “Recuperation time would be eight to nine months in a wheel chair. A friend brought me a Photon Healing unit and after a short period of daily treatments I was pain free and healed. I now walk a half mile each day.”

    While some may be skeptical at first of the Photon Healing, its principles are founded in science. Harrison easily explains the principles

of how the machine works. Each cell in the body has what is called mitochondria, the battery pack of the cell, he says.

    The Photon-Healing H-168 Superb Array that contains 168 near-infrared LEDs is adjusted to the proper medical color and intensity required, filling the body’s weakened cells with new energy.

    When this is done, the individual cells then have the energy to do the healing.

    The Harrison’s moved to the Valley in 1947 and Bill became chief engineer of a Mesa radio station owned by Dwight (Red) Harkins, the father of Dan Harkins, owner of Harkins Theatres.

    In the medical field Bill consulted with the medical colleges designing whole body applicators to heat liver tumors for UCLA and equipment to improve the imaging quality of MRI scanners for UCSF.

    Mary assists with product demonstrations and takes care of the shipping and business details.

    Pictures of people receiving Photon-Healing treatments, more testimonies, NASA medical reports and close-up pictures of the applicators along with additional information available on the web  at or call (928) 634-0990 for a brochure or demonstration.

    The units include a money back guarantee.