Client Testimonials

Mary Beth D.--Equine Rehabilitation Therapist, Conn.

"Although I bought your Light Unit several years ago to help relieve pain and increase circulation and flexibility in the show and race horses I treat, I wanted to give you feedback on how I used it on myself and my son. I have had five surgeries (over twelve years) on my wrists for carpal tunnel and have scars from the elbow to the wrist. Massaging horses and reining is really tough on my arms and wrists, and my doctor suggested surgery again. I figured I would use Light Therapy first and maybe be able to put the operation off until work slowed down. That was two years ago and I have not needed the surgery thus far. I also use it regularly for backaches and on my stomach when I get over-stressed and can't sleep. When my son dislocated his pinkey playing football, he lost the range of mobility and a cyst formed below the wrist. After surgery he used the light unit to help with flexibility and control post-surgical pain, and surprisingly the cyst disappeared within two weeks. This also was two years ago. I have many more experiences with cats and dogs which I would be happy to tell anyone who would listen. This is a remarkable technology and from my personal investigations, backed by scientific data and years of clinical research. The unit has saved me thousands of dollars too. There are just so many positive things to say about it."

Mary Axelrod - Fort Collins, CO

"As a massage therapist, good self-care is important for my work, especially for my hands and arms. I also do a lot of computer work which causes more stress on my hands and wrists. Sometimes after a busy day my hands, wrists and arms are tired, feel stressed or even mildly painful. I use the Well Beam for 3-4 hours in the evening and sometimes sleep with it on for several hours. It increases relaxation and circulation, eliminates discomfort or pain and makes my arms and hands feel great! I recommend the Well Beam for massage therapists, computer users, carpenters and anyone who does a lot of repetitive work with their arms and hands. This is a wonderful wellness tool for many types of conditions."

Thomas L. Jackson, Natural Health Practitioner - Tasmania, Australia

"I have just added light therapy products to my practice…and have found that combining the relaxing and healing effects of the lights with my normal use of acupuncture, spinal manipulation and herbology, shortens down-time and increases the potential for higher performance levels in the race and show horses I treat. I have also used light therapy on dogs, bulls, cattle and people with excellent results."

Dr.Dwight Hayden - Scotland

"As a Chiropractor, I am always looking for modalities which compliment my practice and help my patients heal emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically. Light therapy equipment has expanded my ability to do this in numerous ways-by working with the bioelectromagnetic energy field, the major acupuncture meridians, and the muscular skeletal structure all at the same time!"

Ruth Sword - Ft. Collins, CO

"Light Sound Therapeutic Technology has aided my body in a non-invasive healing process. Using the Well Beam unit on parts of my body that have pain and poor circulation has stimulated a change in those conditions. I have far less pain (for the most part no pain), better circulation and range of motion. I will continue to use this healing device to treat my autoimmune disease. I believe it will relieve muscle inflammation and generate new and healthy cells."

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Judy Jones - Ft. Collins, CO

"The Well Beam has become my friend. After I saw my mother’s improvement of going from morphine to Tylenol and now taking nothing for her pain, I am a believer in how it can work. Using the Well Beam on my stomach has helped control a bacterial infection I have had and so I use it daily."

Elaine F. - Dental Hygienist, Colorado

"For years a car accident left me in chronic pain and facing the serious risk of back surgery…light therapy has not only given almost complete pain relief, but has also solved the problem of aching feet—since I stand all day on the job."

Lucy J. - New Jersey

"Pain relief for dying cat: Our 13 year old cat woke me up at 4 A.M. and it was obvious that she was suffering and in a lot of pain. Since both my husband and myself used the Well Beam for arthritic pain relief, I hoped it would comfort 'Precious' until the vet clinic opened and we could have her euthanized. We had been expecting this day for some time. After a twenty minute treatment, she jumped off the bed and ran to her food dish. She ate well and then curled up and went to sleep. I gave her a treatment about every hour until the clinic opened at 8 A.M., and she showed no more signs of being in pain. I bless the day we bought this Light Wave unit. The anxiety of watching her suffer would have been intolerable."

Dan & Dee - San Diego, California

AARP supports healthy choices: "I received a free demo at the AARP conference and was amazed to wake up the next morning without the usual stiffness in my back and joints. You might remember me as the one who literally ran up the aisle that morning to purchase a unit. My wife and I used it on and off on our drive back to California from Vegas, and we returned home with high energy and less stiffness. Delores played 18 holes the next day. People who are at high heart attack risk might find this as a pain management alternative. Good luck to you guys."

Sharon B. - La Porte,Co

"I had a light therapy session yesterday at the clinic. I have been losing sleep with the pain in my left hip-waking up frequently to reposition myself. After the one 20 min treatment, I would estimate about 60-70% improvement-much less pain. I did wake up, but more from habit and went back to sleep. That is pretty impressive since I have had that condition for a couple of months now. I am very excited about this and bought a unit. It is much easier to use it at home than to run to appointments at the clinic. My mother wants a unit as well. She suffers greatly from pain of extensive osteoarthritis. I'll keep you informed of our progress. Thank you, thank you...."

Sharon's Mom - Illinois

"Mom used it a lot today and is excited by how easy it is to use and that she doesn't have to worry about too much. She is already feeling some relief in a knot that she gets in her back and she said she could feel a change in her hands already. She is really severely crippled from osteoarthritis--almost doubled over at waist and one hip totally gone. When I talked to her she was yawning and ready to go to bed--she also has trouble sleeping--probably from pain--so I am thinking she will sleep better even tho she didn't want to try blue light at navel until tomorrow. She is doing really well at absorbing the directions--I am so glad that she was open to doing this."

Eva T. - Binghamton, N.Y.

"My niece gave my husband Joe the Light device because he had such neck and back pain. He was undergoing dialysis three times per week, suffered from chrone's disease, and had a history of heart ailments so was on a multitude of medications, so nothing could be done about the neck and back pain. At first he was very skeptical that it could help, but the device ended up being his constant companion day and night. Since he passed in march of '03, it has become my companion. Before using it I couldn't comb my hair because my shoulder was so stiff and sore. Now I'm starting to use it on my swollen feet too. I just put the unit under each foot whenever I sit to watch TV on and off during the day. Then in bed I place it on the blue blinking mode on my stomach and have been sleeping longer and sounder than in years. I don't know what I would do without it!"

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