Through a modern technology, a new type of home care product with a therapeutic purpose has been invented.


What is thermo-therapeutic Irradiator?


The thermo-therapeutic irradiator uses a low level of radiation emitted from laser, called Super Luminescence, also known as the Narrow-Band, a ray of the extremely narrow area of energy, which existed even before any organism existed on earth. Its effects were verified through the worldwide studies and the clinical demonstrations. Irradiating the beam of light into human body stimulates and causes many beneficial effects to the body.

The beneficial effects include : Oxygen and nutrition are effectively provided in times of injury or disease infection. In addition, irradiating the laser light expedites the eliminating of waste from the body thereby restoring the nerve system, relieving the pain, and reducing recovery period of a patient.


Thermo-therapeutic Irradiator


Product Specification


* Size : 1000mm X 2000mm

* High Quality Leather Fabric

* Personal Home Sauna Function

* 1044 hexagonal ceramic pieces attached

* 48LED Laser light attached

* Anion Fabric

* Copper Fiber

* Hot Wire

* Overheating-proof Bimetal

* Automatic Temperature Sensor

* Fiber Urethane-coasted Fabric

* Urethane Foam





1) Make sure to wear it on the skin or over white clothing

2) Do not arbitrarily reconstruct the product

3) Do not use it other than the purpose intended

4) Make sure to use it for the required amount of time

   A. Suggested use of Thermo : 1~8 hours ( for high temperature only one hour is recommended )

   B. Suggested use of Laser : under one hour ( automatic timer used )

5) Please be warned that when used with other products, may cause

negative effects.

6) Do not use the product if you have one of the following conditions:

   A. Heart problem patient

   B. Mentally-ill patient

   C. Pregnant Woman

   D. Ones who experience skin trouble wearing the product

7) Use it under the instruction and guidance of physician

8) Make sure children do not get into the cover of the product

9) Make sure to wear protective goggle irradiating laser light ( provided with the product )

10) Make sure to cover the product when irradiating laser light