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We are proud to inform you that Orientations NOVA is your Canadian supplier of healthy indoor light products for the home and office.  Brighten up your days with our high quality full spectrum light and bright light therapy products that revitalize general health and provide relief from SAD, seasonal affective disorder...

The Short Story about Light Therapy Evolution

Light therapy research has been conducted for over 20 years.  It has been shown to be perfectly safe, and often more effective than drug therapy.  Light therapy has no serious side effects and none of the lingering long-term health questions that plague drug therapy.  For many years light has been therapeutically useful in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder, winter depression and many other disorders. 

Hi lux light, 10 000 lux fluorescent tubes, was the first successful type of bright light therapy offered to people looking for relief.  Those who benefit from hi lux light boxes criticize the length of time they have to be exposed to the lights to get results.  Some people need to spend 2 to 3 hours a day and some complain of difficulties getting to sleep at night!

Full spectrum light was developed and introduced to people for light therapy. This gentler light therapy with the softer light can be left on all day because it does not need to be extremely bright to be effective.  This kind of light therapy is beneficial to general health and successfully alleviates symptoms without causing sleep problems.   

Bright light in the appropriate wavelength is the latest breakthrough in the therapeutic use of light.  Research shows that bright blue light in the 446-477 nanometer range suppresses melatonin and raises serotonin quickly.  Only 15 to 30 minutes or less in front of this specific blue wavelength is as beneficial as 1 to 2 hours in front of a 10 000 lux traditional hi lux light.. 

How does light effect us?

Light effects our health (See Health and Light and UV)

  • Reduces stress, anxiety/tension, depression and migraines
  • Reduces fatigue, sleep disturbances and sleep disorders
  • Reduces alcohol and food cravings
  • Reduces violence and aggression
  • Lowers cholesterol levels, blood pressure
  • Improves alertness, energy and productivity
  • Increases calcium absorption
  • Improves immune system function and cardiac output
  • Improves concentration, academic performance and visual acuity

Light effects our children (See Schools)

Full spectrum light has been used in schools since 1973.  Studies show: reduced hyperactivity and aggression, improved cooperation, higher test scores, fewer absences due to illnesses and fewer dental cavities.

A two-year study in the 1990s by the Department of Education of Alberta, Canada, compared four kinds of light. Under full spectrum light, students

  • Learned faster
  • Tested higher
  • Grew faster
  • Had 1/3 fewer absences due to illness
  • Had 2/3 fewer cavities than expected.

A 1999 study by Pacific Gas and Electric showed that students tested

  • 20% higher in reading
  • 26% higher in math.

Other studies showed increased cooperation and concentration, and less off-task behavior.

Light effects the economy (See Productivity)

The 1999 study by Pacific Gas & Electric also documented a 40% average increase in productivity with natural daylight.

  • Increases sales (average 40%)
  • Reduces energy use 30-60%
  • Increases productivity
  • Increases better visual acuity
  • Provides excellent colour matching

Quality is everything!

All light sources are not created equal and you cannot tell the quality of a light just by looking at it!  To be of the highest benefit to our bodies:

  • Full spectrum light must closely reproduce daylight with the same colour balance as sunshine at noon.  If it contains all the beautiful wavelengths of colour in its light that a rainbow does, in the same proportions, full spectrum light is like natural daylight.

    How can you tell if a product is full spectrum?
    The light should be rated above 90 CRI and 5000K to be called full spectrum.
    Both criteria are necessary to obtain health benefits!
    We insist that all of our full spectrum light products are above and beyond these minimum requirements.

    What does CRI and K mean?
    CRI = Colour rendering index or how colours appear under artificial light versus sunlight.  The sun is 100 CRI.  An incandescent light bulb at 40 CRI shows only 40% of true colours.
    K = Kelvin temperature and refers to the quality of artificial light.  The light from a 4000K tube looks yellowish while at 5000K it appears natural white and at 6000K it becomes a bluish-white.

    What about watts, lux or lumens?
    Watts refers to the energy used to produce light.  It has nothing to do with light quality!  Lux or lumens generally refers to brightness or intensity.  The higher the brighter.  Full spectrum doesn't need to be extremely bright to be effective so you can choose the desired brightness according to the surface you need to light. 
  • Bright light should be a combination of intense light in the blue wavelength.  Recent research has shown that it is not the overall intensity of a powerful 10 000 lux device, but rather the bright light at the appropriate wavelength that produces desired results (melatonin suppression) efficiently. 

    To read the research see our Bright Light Research page.  

Healthy Indoor Lighting with
Full Spectrum Light Products

People choose products with full spectrum light (desk lamps, computer lamps, light bulbs & tubes) when they want a brighter, more pleasant and natural type of light that will help them to see better, observe true colours and take advantage of multiple health benefits.

Unfortunately, most indoor lighting (both fluorescent and incandescent or screw-in) is yellow-orange, the narrowest part of the spectrum, and is low in the wide green-blue-violet end. When the rainbow is incomplete and not balanced like natural daylight, our bodies do not function efficiently.  We need ALL the colours for full health...too much or too little of any colour can give us problems.  Why?

  • Every colour causes a different response in the body;
  • Each system and organ in our body utilizes different colours;
  • Each colour is necessary for the proper metabolism of each element or nutrient that the body uses.

With improved phosphors and enhanced frequencies we now offer you the best full spectrum light ever made.  It is balanced like natural daylight at noon when we are most biologically active and contains ALL the colours of the rainbow that we need for complete health.

Full spectrum light alleviates symptoms caused by seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, irritability, sleep disorders, winter blues, social withdrawal, fatigue, sadness, reduced libido, jet lag, difficulty concentrating, carbohydrate cravings, pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), postpartum depression and menopause but it's also effective in improving a variety of other health concerns. (visual acuity, calcium absorption, immune system function, cardiac output, cholesterol levels, blood pressure...)  To revitalize general health... it's the best light for people, pets and plants.

Bright Light Therapy Products 

People generally look for bright light therapy devices when they are personally affected by symptoms caused by light deprivation.  Currently, two new products are available that contain the appropriate wavelength for efficient bright light therapy.  People can wake up fully and quickly in the morning with a boost from one of our bright light therapy devices:

  • Fluorescent double bright tubes have one side that produces bright blue light in the 446-477 nanometer wavelength range and one side that produces bright white light.   The new PL-13/blue light tube is available in our Desk Lamp/Duo
  • Light emitting diode (LED) technology brings us bright white light that peaks in the blue wavelength (at around 460 nanometers) for maximum efficiency.  The Litebook® or The Litebook - Charge n Go (cordless & rechargeable) provide 5000 lux of brightness in the appropriate blue wavelength.  Read the article "What makes the Litebook unique?" on our Bright Light & Research page.

Bright light alleviates symptoms caused by seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, irritability, sleep disorders, winter blues, social withdrawal, fatigue, sadness, reduced libido, difficulty concentrating, carbohydrate cravings and jet lag but research has shown it to also be beneficial for various circadian rhythm sleep disorders, pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), bulimia nervosa, Alzheimer's disease (through regulation of sleep patterns) and non-seasonal major depression...the research is ongoing.

For maximum health benefits, with bright light therapy products, we recommend adding full spectrum compact fluorescent spiral bulbs or tubes to light the rest of your day.

Give the Gift of Light...
it's great for homes, schools, offices & businesses
and it's appropriate for:

  • People of all ages, pets & plants
  • depression
  • pre-menstrual syndrome
  • pre-menopause
  • osteoporosis
  • post partum depression
  • overeaters
  • anorexia
  • bulimia
  • immune disorders
  • sleep disorders
  • anxiety disorders
  • bipolar disorders
  • jet lag
  • shift work
  • housebound/shut-ins
  • and many others

Full Spectrum Light Therapy Products:
Screw-out your standard incandescent light bulbs and simply replace them with our energy saving 10 000 hour, full spectrum light, compact fluorescent spiral light bulbs.  They will provide you with healthy indoor lighting all year around.  Find out how you will see better, feel better & save energy, money and the environment by simply changing a light bulb!  Take a peek at our recommendations.

Standard fluorescent tubes in your home or office can easily be replaced with our healthy full spectrum light fluorescent tubes.  They offer the same advantages and health benefits as our compact fluorescent spiral light bulbs.

Our computer lamps with full spectrum light sit on top of your computer's monitor and provide the double advantage of proper light distribution and healthy indoor lighting.  These amazing little lamps facilitate your computer use in a big way and continue to deliver wonderful light over many years.

We offer a great desk lamp/FS with full spectrum light.  It's completely adjustable and is practical for anyone who does precision work or loves to read, write or make arts & crafts.  This flexible lamp can sit on your desk or be clamped to the edge of your work table.  You will enjoy healthy indoor lighting, see true colours and enhance your productivity with this useful desk lamp.

Bright Light Therapy Products:
Our desk Lamp/ Duo is an economical light therapy solution that permits both gentle light therapy & bright light therapy.  You can start your day with the *New* bright blue+white fluorescent hi lux double tube and after you feel energized you simply replace it with the gentle full spectrum fluorescent tube for the rest of your day.

Get the light you need...every day with our *New* bright light therapy devices.  Revolutionary white light emitting diode (LED) technology produces UV-free white light that peaks in the blue wavelength to efficiently help alleviate symptoms caused by light deficiency.  These products are made in Canada.  They are so small that they can fit in your hand.  The Litebook® for bright light therapy, and The Litebook - Charge n Go for cordless & rechargeable bright light therapy are portable, safe, durable and simple to operate.  Learn more about how our light therapy products will make a positive difference in your life!

Full Spectrum Light compact fluorescent bulbs:

·         Use less electricity = Save Energy!
Did you know that 92 to 95% of the energy used by a standard incandescent light bulb is dissipated as heat and is not required to produce light?  That's a lot of wasted energy!  One way to participate in energy conservation is to simply switch to energy saving light bulbs.

·         Reduce energy costs = Save Money!
Compact spiral light bulbs use 75 to 80% less energy to produce the same light output as a standard bulb.  Energy-efficiency means reduced energy consumption and translates into lower energy costs.  Standard bulbs are cheaper to buy but they have higher long-term electricity costs.  You save money over time with compact fluorescent light bulbs.        

·         Last longer = Safeguard the Environment!
An important difference between standard incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs is almost 9 000 hours.  The life expectancy of our spiral light bulb is 10 000 hours, about as long as 13 regular bulbs.  We can help preserve the environment if we produce less rubbish.


·         Increase the quality of lighting = SEE BETTER!
Ordinary incandescent light bulbs and most compact bulbs don't have a high colour rendering index (CRI: see definitions) therefore they don't show colours well.  Their light glows predominantly yellow-orange which is more stressful and tiring on our eyes. 

full spectrum compact fluorescent spiral light bulb shines a gentler, more pleasant and natural type of light.  It promotes better vision allowing you to use 80% more of the cells in your eyes.  This enables you to see better and shows you true colours.      

·         Revitalize general health = FEEL BETTER!
Unlike predominantly yellow-orange ordinary bulbs, full spectrum light provides ALL the colours of the rainbow that we need for complete health.  The additional green, blue and violet wavelengths promote wellness helping you to feel better and have a more productive and satisfying life.

Our healthy full spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs have quiet, flicker-free electronic ballasts so you no longer have to suffer from the annoying humming and irritating flickering associated with the old magnetic ballasts. 

Ordinary compact fluorescent bulbs:

·         Use less electricity = Save Energy!

·         Reduce energy costs = Save Money!

·         Last longer = Safeguard the Environment!

BUT... they don't help you to see better
and they don't promote wellness.

Warning:  Most compact spiral bulbs appear identical to full spectrum compact fluorescent spiral bulbs, on the outside, but the phosphors on the inside are not all of the same quality.  They don't promote wellness and don't deliver the same colour of light... don't be surprised or disappointed!  Before you buy an ordinary compact bulb, see our FAQs to learn more about full spectrum.