LEDs Speed Healing & Ease Pain


November 30, 2003

LEDs Speed Healing & Ease Pain
NASA scientists have found that human cells exposed to near-infrared light from light emitting diodes (LEDs) grow 150 to 200 percent faster than cells not stimulated by the light. Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee have used this information to develop a form of phototherapy to speed the healing process and reduce pain for young cancer patients. Learn more about the clinical trials and results by reading the article at the NASA website.


In over 2,500 studies and clinical trials IR photo bio-stimulation has been shown to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits. Recent discoveries by NASA and others have created a revolution in our understanding and ability to control the photo bio-simulative process. As a result of these amazing new discoveries, our Shuttle Astronauts now use infrared light to combat the muscle and bone wasting effects of zero gravity. Navy Seals use IR LEDs to heal injuries up to two and a half times faster than without IR Light, and U.S. submariners use them to stay strong and healthy during their long tours undersea.

  • Tests conducted with scanning laser Doppler demonstrate increases in microcirculation from 400% to 3200% after one IR LED treatment.
  • Studies have shown that human tissue exposed to IR light from LEDs, grows at a rate from 150 to 200% faster than cells not stimulated by such light.
  • Cells treated with IR Light show a five-fold increase in growth phase specific DNA synthesis.
  • 150% increases in the production of ATP (cellular energy) have been observed in cells exposed to IR Light.